Application Form: Core Training – Group B

Please complete the form below to register.  You will also need to attach a CV to this form. See details below.

    *Please note if you do not have current professional registration you may not be eligible to attend this event. Please email us to discuss if you are unsure.

    *Please upload a copy of your CV, a scan of the most relevant/highest level degree certificate and a scan of proof of registration with professional body.

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    Note the following terms and conditions of acceptance of a place on the course:

    • The Foundation Skills training consists of five 2-day training blocks over a period of one year.
    • The total cost of training for the year is £2000. The initial non-refundable deposit due on acceptance of a place is £400.
    • By accepting a place, you are making a commitment to the full year of training. If you withdraw from the training during the year, you will still be liable for the fees for all blocks.
    • On request, payment can be made in instalments. You will be provided with the relevant dates indicating when instalments are due.
    • Fees must be paid prior to the relevant block, otherwise attendance at that block will be at the discretion of Dr Lewis.
    • If you are unable to attend a particular block for any reason, then payment must still be made on time. At the discretion of Dr Lewis, you may be able to make up the missed block at a later date.

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